Research and consultancy

Reflecting on reality is essential in this globalized world where political and social changes take place at a rapid pace and sometimes abruptly. The effectiveness of public policies depends in large part on a rigorous social analysis. Our specialty is qualitative social research and ethnography with an intercultural and gender perspective to know and analyze social phenomena from a holistic view and thus be able to generate innovative intervention proposals.


Social analysis must materialize through training, understanding as such a transfer of knowledge and a joint reflection. We provide training on international migration and citizenship rights, through a participatory methodology with quality audiovisual material, didactic material and testimonies of field work that participate in classes and workshops.

Evaporating borders to combat inequality

Awareness and Action 

Awareness helps to reverse negative public discourse and re-establish the common perspective of the rights of full citizenship in relation to international migrations. Under this pillar, we promote various actions, projects and awareness and advocacy activities, ranging from dissemination talks, photographic exhibitions, direct attention or concrete actions to support groups.

Impact assessment of Public policies

Public policies are the axis of social welfare. Combating inequality depends to a large extent on the investment and effectiveness of public policies that help to counteract the aggressions of the neoliberal economic system. We believe that at this moment it is extremely important to contribute to the improvement of public policies in the field of international migration, gender, childhood and youth, through social research and impact evaluations.