SORELA project

SORELA is a project of support and empowerment aimed at migrant women domestic workers for their insertion in social network and guarantee their labor and social rights such as health and well-being.

It is a project focused on labour health and the prevention of occupational diseases and risks in the home service, but we also provide support, guidance on resources and job placement and technology tutoring.

We work on several lines of action:

– Training activities on occupational health and labor rights, and technology.

– Elaboration of informative material, of training and awareness.

– Accompaniment and guidance via WhatsApp and telephone.

– Sorela routes carried out by intermediary agents in public spaces to inform and disseminate.

– Resource optimization and networking.

Info news: Sorela in Sant Cugat

Sorela landed in Sant Cugat!

During February and March of the year 2020 we have been doing routes in areas of Sant Cugat and contacting women who work there to explain issues related to the prevention of risks and occupational diseases.

The occupational hazards workshop was planned for March 12 in Sant Cugat, but unfortunately we were unable to do it due to the health emergency. We are sure that when we raise the State of Alarm, we can realize it.

Sant Cugat is the municipality with the most domestic workers in relation to the active population.

Your health comes first

As in any work activity, homework and care work has health risks. Find out more!

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

It is a very recurrent disease in domestic workers.

It is a neuropathy, caused by the understanding of the middle nerve that passes through the wrist. Inflammation of the tendons due to repetitive movements while working (rubbing, ironing, cleaning glass, etc.) compresses the nerve and produces pain.

This disease usually occurs in people who use their hands to work and perform repetitive movements, such as butchers, waitresses, guitarists, or domestic workers. Find out more!

What are the symptoms?

When the tendons of the wrist become inflamed, the tunnel through which the middle nerve passes becomes narrower and therefore the nerve is compressed. This hurts the wrist, numbness, tingling and numbness of the hand and the yolk of the fingers. It is very common for it to hurt at night when we are sleeping.

At an advanced stage, sensitivity is lost in the fingers and the person may slip things from their hands or, for example, may not be able to open a bottle of water.

Occupational risk workshops

From Sorela we held workshops on occupational hazards to learn, exchange experiences and become aware of the risks and illnesses resulting from working cleaning many hours or caring for the elderly.

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Presentation of the guide on occupational hazards

In November 2019 we presented the guide on occupational hazards for domestic workers. This is a very simple booklet on health at home, which explains the 4 types of risks (environmental, psychosocial, ergonomic and neuropathy), prevention and labor rights. These guides are distributed in the Sorela Routes and in the workshops on occupational risks.
The Sorela Project participates in the Xarxa De l’Treball de la Llar Just, a network of entities that work for the professionalization of the domestic service sector and for the rights of domestic workers.
Fair Homework Network website

The Sorela project has the support of the Catalan Women’s Institute of Catalonia, the Department of Labor, Social Affairs and Family of the Generalitat de Catalunya and Barcelona City Council, as well as networking from of the Fair Home Work Network and in agreement with other entities such as FICAT for the referral of legal inquiries.